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How to Download & Install Threads Embroidery Software? (Windows)


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  • Suzanne Simpson

    I purchased and downloaded a pattern purchased on Etsy.  Trying to coordinate my "new" used Duetta 2 manual with directions from the Knotty . . something designer I learned I could download the zipfile with the .dst file pattern  I needed. So I opened the file using TES, and seeing the picture of the design.  Windows Security came up wanting my username and password.  Kept saying I was not licensed.  Joined TES hoping that would license me.  If it did is my username and password with TES what assures I am licensed? If so then I have to figure out how to save the files I need to the memory stick.  At some point, when I reopened my zipfile all the dst files have disappeared.  I have no clue what happened to them,


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